ViVoX have produced the first commercially available GMP precision instrument for safe and correct handling of all kind of biological materials. 

ViVoX have invented, patented a method for performing e.g. in vitro operations at physiological gas tensions and a new safety principle for increasing safety in  laboratories and constructed and patented the apparatus and method world-wide.

The patented safety principle protects both the material being processed and the operator and environment

The patented method comprices tha handling of material under correct physiological oxygen tensions.

The tree owners of ViVoX ApS have many years of experience in basic biological research and possess expertise about the influence of gases such as oxygen in cellular biological processes. 
They have solely developed methods and the patents out from their experienced needs in cellular biology, where higher safety and more accurate gas regulation and more correct in vitro conditions is imperative for the latest research and clinic.

The company was established in 1997

The company ViVoX ApS is now solely owned by two of ViVoX´ original three founders:

Jan A Villadsen, M.D., Peter Mosborg Petersen, M.D.    


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